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Sincerely, Your Friend

Based on a true story, Nia reads aloud a letter from the heart that details her true feelings when it comes to battling her mental health. Directed by Julia Hess

Let's Go Camping! - In this comedy, three friends decide to go camping and find themselves in a spooky situation. Directed by Julia Hess

Burial Site - Missing his friend’s birthday party, Arthur finds himself forced into being an accomplice to a presumed murderer who has captured a woman. Directed by Taylor San Miguel

Cold Burbank Nights - A short story about dancing with yourself in the pale moonlight of cold burbank nights. Directed by Kevin Doan

Asspire to Inspire - A Nike Spec Commercial Directed by Kevin Doan

The Voyager - A story about a steampunk time traveler. Directed by Aaron Jablon.

Blueprints: A Smash Brothers Documentary - A story about two close friends that play competitive Super Smash Brothers.

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